Video Tutorial: Integrate VIOSO to Unreal on multiple PC

This videos shows the workflow for integrating a VIOSO projection calibration into Unreal Engine through the nDisplay system.

Our hardware setup for this demo is a multi-server system composed of 4x windows machines:

  • 1x Master connected to a full HD monitor
  • 3x Clients each connected to a WQXGA projector (NORXE P1) calibrated on a curved screen (panadome)

With our auto-alignment software (VIOSO Integrate or VIOSO Anyblend VR&SIM) we perform a 3D calibration across the servers and export it to the VESA MPCDI v2 format. The integration is then done via the nDisplay system that renders and synchronizes UE content to multiple clusters and outputs.

Please check out the manual document included in the package for detailed steps on how to integrate and use these features. _________________________________________________________________