How does licensing work with VIOSO Anyblend VR&SIM?

Since Anyblend VR&SIM runs in complex environments, licensing can get sophisticated. Read here about the licensing options of VIOSO Anyblend VR&SIM:

Licensing of VIOSO Anyblend VR&SIM: Standard configuration vs. abstract displays

How does licensing work with VIOSO Player and VIOSO Anyblend ?
  1. Licensing works per PC:
    A license is stored in a license container that is connected with a specific PC. The license contains the number of channels, which represents the maximum number of projectors that can be calibrated from this PC.
  2. There are two types of license containers:
    • PC-Locked serial: The license comes as a serial key that is activated on a specific PC. Internet connection is required for the activation procedure. Once activated, the serial key cannot be used on any other PC. The main benefit of a PC-locked license is the instant delivery to the end customer’s PC.
    • USB dongle: The license is stored on a USB key. VIOSO software solutions are operational as long as the USB key is inserted. The main benefit of a USB dongle is that multiple PCs can share the same licensing, though only one PC can run a VIOSO solution at the same time.
  3. More answers:
    • Is it possible to transfer a PC-locked license to another PC?
      => Yes, see here:   License Transfer
    • Can multiple USB keys be used, adding their channels?
      => No. Only one USB key is detected at the same time.
How many VIOSO channels are required on Matrox 2/3/4Head2go, Datapath FX4, etc.?

VIOSO software is licensed per projector. Desktop expanders like Matrox Dual/Triple/Quadhead2Go, Datapath FX4, etc. will be split by VIOSO Calibration software into dedicated projector channels.

The licensing will count every projector as a separate channel. Therefore, it requires the appropriate number of licensed channels.

Why is upgrading to Anyblend 4.3 important?

Anyblend 4.3 comes with a major change in licensing.

Due to various reasons, it was required to cut some old ties, especially to enable true dongle licensing and make Anyblend compatible with third-party products. Therefore the license files of the Anyblend version that are already installed on a system are not compatible with Anyblend 4.3. As soon as you install Anyblend 4.3, you need a new license (serial number or dongle).

How to get a new license?

As a regular customer of Anyblend 4, you get your new license free of charge. Please contact and provide the serial key that you used to license your version of Anyblend.

Can I run the old and new Anyblend version parallel on one PC?

Yes. Installing and licensing Anyblend 4.3 leaves an existing Anyblend version untouched. We recommend that you run both versions parallel in case of any issues. The only thing you must do is select only one Anyblend instance for auto startup.

Unable to access license page to enter license key. Error message “License check failed, the application will close.”

The error message “License check failed” means that the software cannot find or get access to the license file.  Complete the following steps to solve this issue:

  1. Check if you have access to the folder where the license file is located. Sometimes if you logged in as different user or somebody made changes on your PC, the software does not have access to this location. Please check the location of the lic file, which you can find in this entry: Location of license files.
  2.  If you find that your license file was moved for some reason, copy it back to the default location, reboot, and restart the software.
  3. If none of the above works, perform the following steps:
    1. Contact VIOSO support to enable a re-activation of your serial number. Please submit your serial number (read here how to retrieve the serial number). After you get positive confirmation, continue.
    2. Back up your calibration files somewhere (*.sps files).
    3. Uninstall Vioso software.
    4. Remove the folder  C:\ProgramData\VIOSO\
    5.  Install VIOSO software from scratch.
    6. Activate your license using the activation key you received from us.
    7. Report back to our support team about your status.
What is a serial number or activation key and how do I apply them?

Serial numbers represent a software license. They are usually applied after a purchase on a fresh PC. Read more about serial numbers here:

Applying a serial number

Activation keys are used to modify existing licenses or to perform other license-related tasks. Read more about activation keys here:

Apply an activation key

Can I transfer a PC-locked license?

Yes it is possible to transfer a PC-locked license. It works for licenses that have been activated online and requires an internet connection. Read here for more details about license transfer:

Transfer PC-locked license

What is a hardware ID?

VIOSO’s licensing system uses hardware IDs to lock licenses to a specific PC. If you are asked to provide a hardware ID, please follow these instructions to retrieve it:

Retrieve the Hardware ID for licensing